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Corporate Painting Brisbane

Warren and Sons are corporate painting experts, specialising in a wide variety of services relating to the repair, restoration or repainting of your corporate offices or headquarters. For over 25 years we have partnered with some of Brisbane’s leading corporate businesses to deliver outstanding painting and coating projects for their offices and retail stores, in a professional and timely manner.

Maintaining a consistent brand for your business requires you to standardise the look and feel of your spaces across all retail and corporate locations. When a client attends your office or store, you want them to enjoy a professional space that is designed to match the unique story of your business and its people.

At Warren and Sons, we can help you choose the right colours, products and application techniques to get your corporate space into top condition and provide you and your team with a workspace that will promote creativity, collaboration and calm. If you have a number of offices or corporate locations, we can also help bring cohesion to your brand by standardising your colour schemes and paintwork throughout your various business locations.

Challenges in Painting Office Areas

Corporate offices are busy places. We understand that undertaking any painting project, whether large or small has the potential to impact your team, your business and your day to day operations. We are experts when it comes to helping you manage and mitigate the impact of a corporate painting project and can provide free advice on creative ways to ensure that your paintworks are completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your business.

We can also assist by advising on colour selection choices for different areas of your corporate space to ensure a cohesive look throughout. From the reception, through to board rooms and meeting rooms, main office or break areas, our team have helped hundreds of customer design the ideal space for their businesses and teams.

Our Process

The Steps to Take Your Painting Project to Completion

  1. Contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable time for an on-site inspection of your corporate office.
  2. Our team will prepare a detailed quote, including all materials and labour required to successfully complete your project.
  3. Once our quote has been accepted, we can work together to create a project timeline that will ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.
  4. On our agreed commencement date, our team will arrive and commence setting up adequate protection of your in-situ fit out and furnishings.
  5. We will prepare and prime your walls and ceilings in line with your project plan, completing any necessary repairs to ensure a pristine finish.
  6. Our team will professionally apply all paint and coatings, quickly and professionally.
  7. Once complete, we will conduct a final paintworks inspection with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with the work.


Let us help you with your upcoming painting project. Our team of dedicated and professional painters will be able to provide you with industry leading and friendly service and ensure that your project is carried out with minimal disruption to your business.