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Warren and Sons provides all Brisbane located commercial and industrial buildings with textured acrylic coating finishes. In the construction industry, we have a professional, uniquely experienced specialist to eliminate the uncertainty of coating systems being applied to tilt up projects, exterior and other concrete surfaces.

Warren and Sons quality assurance is backed up by the following credentials:

  • Exterior and tilt panel coating professionals with 600,000 m2 successfully coated to date.
  • International consultant to Dulux.
  • Pioneers of concrete preparation chemicals.
  • Bond breaker removal specialists with adhesion testing at all stages.
  • Brisbane-based Paul Warren is a successful patent holder and application specialist.

Paul Warren is the driving force behind Brisbane painting contractors Warren and Sons and has been the pioneer of acrylic coating systems and bond breaker removal products for Tilt up projects in Brisbane and in and around Australia. In 1999 he created the first guaranteed product to prepare tilt up panels for coatings, allowing for adhesion certainty. This product has now been adopted in varying forms by all the major paint producers in Australia, a change in mind set.

Paul Warren has over 13 years international experience dealing with Tilt Up Projects. He is based out of Brisbane and has traveled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand with National paint manufacturers such as Dulux, Taubmans/Bristol and Wattyl Granosite gaining and sharing valuable knowledge within this .

Paul Warren headed a joint market research venture in 2011 which was funded by Dulux to assess the market in the USA in states like Texas and New York (The home of the Tilt Up system). Tilt panel concrete projects require expert preparation to ensure adhesion and quality of all coating systems.

Warren and Sons can offer guaranteed coating systems exclusively for tilt panel construction.

  • Primers are specified for deep penetration even on the glassy/highly polished panels.
  • Coatings are guaranteed against failure due to bondbreakers.
  • All textured coating systems offered.
Panel painting
  • All systems include Tilt Boom’s unique guaranteed removal treatment.
  • All panels are tested and approved before further coatings to any building facade or exterior.

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