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Warren & Sons painters specialise in a range of project types over residential and commercial properties. Our highly skilled team of painters are experts in interior painting; Ashgrove clients account for a number of major projects we have worked on.

Whether you are looking to repaint your home, a single room in your home or the interior of a business space, we have the skills to satisfy your next interior painting project in Ashgrove. Our talented painters can provide you with expert advice to ensure your project stays within your desired budget, while delivering the result you had dreamed of.

When painting interior walls, it is important to choose the appropriate paint for the space you are looking to paint. When considering a colour, think about how much time you spend in the space, what its purpose is and how you want it to make you feel. Other points to consider are how much natural light is coming into the room – is it open and airy with large windows or is it a small cosy room with not much light?

When thinking about lighting, you must also consider how much additional lighting will be added via ceiling fixtures and lamps, and the colouring of these lights. These simple factors can alter the colour of a room dramatically and often dictate suited shades, depending on your style.

We take all these factors into consideration when we deliver interior painting Ashgrove customers trust.

Bright colours can add vibrancy to a room through interior painting, but be careful when going with something bold and make sure it’s a colour you truly love by doing test patches. A handy tip is to check back on how your colours look in different lights at different times of the day to ensure you pick the best colour for you. Once you have tested your colour, and you are sure you love it, don’t be scared, let our painters work their magic as vibrant colours can lift the mood of what could be an otherwise drab room. Bold, bright colours are also often great for bedrooms, particularly for children, who can use their favourite colour to add their personality to their own space. 

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Neutral colours are usually a safe choice with interior painting in Brisbane with our sunny days providing an abundance of natural light to brighten up your space. A neutral palette is a popular choice for painting large spaces, or an entire house to keep the overall look uniform. If something neutral is your preferred choice, you may think the colour decision will be easy, but it is still important to test the colours in different lights. Believe it or not but whites, beiges and taupes all come in a variety of different shades. When picking your neutrals it is best to stick to the same tone throughout, whether that is a cool tone or a warm tone.

Our interior painting in Ashgrove is conducted with close attention to colour. Our painters will lend their advice on what they think is best suited to your project and help you through the colour decision process with ease. You can trust Warren & Sons for a flawless finished product.

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At Warren & Sons, our experienced painters servicing Ashgrove use only the highest quality paints and tools, including brushes, sprayers and rollers, to achieve flawless results. Our painters are equipped with extensive training in their craft as well as proper safety practices, like wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. When considering residential painting, it is important to engage a reputable professional painter who is licensed and insured and follows proper painting codes and practices. 

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