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At Warren & Sons, we specialise in both commercial and residential painting, with a highly skilled team available to cater to your specific project needs. The services we provide in residential painting for Brisbane cover both interior and exterior painting, depending on your requirements. No project is too big, or too small – for even just one wall, give us a call. Our goal when painting your residential property is to tailor or service to meet your needs – we understand how important your home is to you, and want you to be 100% satisfied with your final outcome. 

At Warren & Sons, our experienced painters use only the highest quality paints and tools, including brushes, sprayers and rollers, to achieve flawless results. Our painters are equipped with extensive training in their craft as well as proper safety practices, like wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

When considering residential painting in Brisbane, it is important to engage a reputable professional painter who is licensed and insured and follows proper painting codes and practices. 

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Residential painting, Brisbane-wide, can often be a daunting task but our highly skilled team are here to guide you through. From making over the outside of your home to just giving a few rooms a fresh coat of paint, we have the knowledge to recommend the best products for your individual situation. Our homes should be inviting and a pleasure for us to spend time in, which is why we value your wants and needs when helping you decide on your preferred colours and styles. Residential painting – both interior and exterior – is a simple way to completely makeover your home and breathe new life into your living space.

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It is in human nature to get tired of the same surroundings, so why not try a new colour in your home or revamp your existing colour. It is surprising how a fresh coat of paint can lift a room without any other drastic changes required. Let us take the stress out of your residential home renovation, restoration or building project and lend our skills to make your designer home a reality. 

Residential Painting Brisbane - Interior

Our Warren & Sons painters are experts in interior residential painting. Brisbane residents should take special care in considering the purpose of the room and the amount and type of lighting in the room before choosing colours for the interior of your home. The first step of picking a colour is deciding whether you want to go for something bright, bold, dark or neutral. Once you have narrowed down the type of colour you want for your wall, it is time to test out shades within that colour palette. When testing shades on your wall, it is important to check how the colour looks in different lights – with both natural and artificial light, at different times of the day. 

Residential Painting Brisbane - Exterior

When choosing a paint for the exterior of your residential property, consider your surroundings, as well as your roof colour, gutter colour, front and garage door colours and the colours of your window frames. If this all sounds too daunting, do not stress, our talented painting team is here to guide you along the way to make sure you pick the right colour for you, whatever shape your residential painting in Brisbane takes.

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Warren & Sons is a local Brisbane business, supplying you with the highest quality painting services for your project. Call us today to discuss your painting project with us, and make your dream home a reality. 

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