Choosing Interior Office Colours for commercial painting

There are many theories on how you should approach choosing the interior paint colours for your office or commercial space. The truth is that there is no right answer and it comes down to what you are using the space for, and how you would like the users of the space to feel.

Colour can inspire, calm or energise and it is important to consider the function of the room or space when making decisions around colour schemes. Other things to consider include how well the colours match existing or new furniture and what they reflect about your business or your brand.

Leaders in the interior design industry almost unanimously agree that colour has the ability to have a profound effect on people, influencing everything from productivity and openness to collaboration and overall happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.

Here are some thoughts and ideas on choosing interior office colours for your business.

Reception Areas and Waiting Rooms

The reception area of an office is the first impression that partners, clients or suppliers will have of your business. It is important to make sure that this area ties in strongly with your businesses branding and style and tells a consistent story about your organisation. This is also a great place to feature striking colours or provide stark contrasts to things like your business’s logos or signage. Depending on the nature of your business avoid the use of harsh whites in a lobby or reception area as this can be perceived as too clinical for many, and unsettling.

Office Areas and Workspaces

Your team will be spending the majority of time in your main offices or work areas. It is important to choose colours for the space that will help maintain positivity, energy and enthusiasm. Also, the consistency of colour selections will provide familiarity for team members who work in different offices or locations, which can help put them at ease when working in different places. Deep colours that can be found in nature, such as bold charcoals, succulent greens and ocean blues are a great choice because they provide a level of interest for the space whilst maintaining a professional image.

Transition Areas

Hallways and transition areas are often not thought about in great detail when designing the colour scheme for a modern office. However, good interior designers understand that these spaces have high levels of traffic and are an opportunity to transition cohabitants from one space to another seamlessly. This can add a lot of variety to the look and feel of your office, and also allow for new and interesting updates to be added in the future.

Training Spaces

Training rooms and classroom style spaces should be distractionless to promote learning, information retention and concentration. In addition to this, solid bold colours are a great way to keep energy levels high. Rich colours that are easy on the eye, such as turquoise, deep purples or yellows are excellent choices as again, they occur quite frequently in nature and are not perceived as harsh or glaring.

Boardrooms and Meeting Spaces

Important work happens in these rooms, so it’s important to take the opportunity to reaffirm your corporate branding and look and feel. Consider replicating some of the colour scheme from your reception area to provide continuity for your guests and visitors. Boardrooms are also an excellent setting for photos and videos, so make sure you colour choices are going to look as good on camera as they do in person.

Breakout Spaces

The common areas or recreational spaces in your offices are where your team take time out to unwind, refresh and recharge. Whether the space is a kitchen, common eating area or recreational space, it’s a great place to experiment with colours and express the true personality of your business and your team. These areas are not often visited by guests or clients, so there is more flexibility in being able to really show your tastes and design flair.

At Warren and Sons, we have been helping corporate businesses make colour selections for their office for a number of years. Talk to us about what we have learned over the past 25 years, and how colour trends in corporate spaces have changed.

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