What Are the Best Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings?

Floors work hard! They get walked on every day and have heavy objects placed on them. We tend to forget how much a floor goes through – until a large unsightly crack or a hole appears! A broken floor not only looks a mess, but it’s a safety hazard meaning your flooring will not be

What is the Best Colour for a Commercial Building?

Are you looking to paint your commercial building? As a property manager or business owner it’s your responsibility to keep the building looking at its best. If the outside is left in disrepair and looking dull, your image will likely repel customers before they even get inside. As a property manager, commercial painting is a

The Warren and Sons Story

Warren and Sons are master painters specialising in commercial and residential painting in Brisbane. With over 28 years in the business, a strong reputation for excellence has been built through knowledgeable advice, consistently high standards of work and unrivalled customer service. Paul Warren heads up the business which was brought to Australia in 1993, after

Why Hire Professional Commercial Painters?

The outside of your business is often the first thing a new customer sees. If it’s looking a bit shabby, this isn’t a great first impression. A new lick of paint from time to time is essential to maintain a good reputation. Hiring professional commercial painters in Brisbane is the best option to get the

4 Red Flags to look out for when hiring a Painter

Warren and Sons are a team of talented commercial painters and residential painters servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas. We specialise in all forms of house painting, commercial painting and everything in between. We have earned our reputation through consistently providing our clients with high-quality paint jobs, friendly customer service and our knowledgeable advice. Red Flag

Choosing Interior Office Colours for commercial painting

Choosing Interior Office Colours for commercial painting There are many theories on how you should approach choosing the interior paint colours for your office or commercial space. The truth is that there is no right answer and it comes down to what you are using the space for, and how you would like the users

How to prepare walls for painting

How to prepare walls for painting Step 1. Cleaning the Walls In order for your primer and paint to adhere to your walls, surfaced that are going to be painted should clean, dry and free from debris. First, remove dust and cobwebs with a soft broom, vacuum cleaner or dry lint free cloth. In areas

How to Paint Commercial Metal Door Frames

How to Paint Commercial Metal Door Frames Door frames in commercial premises can often take a beating. In areas of high foot traffic commercial door frames are frequently bumped, scraped and knocked. Over time, this additional wear and tear can leave door frames damaged and in need of repair. However, painting door frames is not

How to fix peeling paint

How to fix peeling paint What causes peeling paint? Painted surfaces can peel for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that the area was not correctly prepped and primed before the last coats of paint were applied. However, as with any coating, external factors, such as sun, rain, wind and extreme temperatures

Key Considerations when Choosing a Commercial Painter

Key Considerations when Choosing a Commercial Painter Choosing your commercial painter is an important decision, and there are a number of key factors that you should take into account to ensure that your commercial painting project is carried out professionally, quickly and using the best quality paints, products and coatings. Like any professional contractor, good

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