All work we undertake is of the highest quality. Our painting company has a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure our products and services consistently meet the evolving needs of our customers and comply with the regulations and requirements of various governing bodies and industry associations. We have excellent systems in place to manage, monitor and improve our processes. If you would like to find out why we believe our processes give us a unique competitive advantage, then please feel free to reach out for an obligation free discussion.
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Paul Warren – Managing Director

Paul Warren is the founder and owner of Warren & Sons painting service for over twenty-five years and brings a wealth of product knowledge and experience to his role. Paul is focused on continual improvement of processes and procedures in order to maximise value for his clients.

An industry veteran and Master Painter, Paul has dedicated his career to expanding his knowledge and following his passion for paint coatings and application processes. He has designed and developed numerous innovative products for tier one paint manufacturers, such as Dulux throughout his lengthy career as an international paint consultant and project management specialist.

A Passion for Residential and Commercial Painting Product Innovation

During his career, Paul Warren has pioneered the innovation of many paint products that are now widely adopted by leading paint manufacturing companies.

In 1999, Paul invented the first guaranteed product to prepare tilt-up panels for coating allowing for adhesion certainty. This innovation in manufacturing has now become the standard for preparation and coating of tilt-up projects in Australia and New Zealand and has made a significant impact on applications worldwide. Later, in 2011, Paul took the leading position in a joint market research project invested in by Dulux to assess the market depth and viability of tilt panel concrete projects in various US states, with the goal of providing a revolutionary product and application process in markets where this type of coating system was heavily used.

Continual Process Improvement

In addition to his passion for innovation, Paul is dedicated to proactively and consciously improving processes and practices in his business to ensure that the quality of service being provided to residential and commercial painting customers is stays ahead of the game.

Not only this, Paul is always looking for ways to lower health and environmental impacts and risks associated with the service his team provides for its clients. It is through this continual dedication to process improvement and efficiency that Paul Warren and his team have earned the respect and trust of commercial and residential customers throughout the Brisbane area and beyond.

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