The Benefits of Commercial Painting. Plus, Details of Our Past Commercial Paint Jobs in Brisbane

If you’re a commercial business owner in Brisbane, it’s extremely important to keep your property looking fresh and welcoming. A dreary looking business isn’t going to get new customers running through the doors. It might actually turn people away, damaging your professional image.

Painting the whole business can seem like a huge task. Who do you hire for the job, how much will it cost and will business be disrupted? You might be thinking to cut corners by painting it yourself or hiring a residential painter. After all, painting a house or business is the same right? Actually, that’s wrong.

Read on to find out what commercial painting is, the differences between residential and commercial painting and the benefits of hiring a pro.

What is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is having your business painted by a professional. While painting any type of business is called commercial painting, painting an industrial business will be different to painting a shop.

Painting a place of business like a shop or restaurant needs more emphasis on aesthetics, colour and image. Painting a warehouse will likely be a one colour paint job and have a more functional outcome. Deciding on the scope and requirements for your commercial paint job, allows you to pick the best painting contractors for the job.

What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Painting?

The size and complexity of commercial and residential paint jobs are generally very different. Here are the main differences:

The Scale of the Project

A commercial painting job is usually going to be larger than a residential painting job. A factory is going to need way more paint, tools and man hours to complete the job.

Painting a residential property is mainly straight forward. The amount of paint and manpower required is less. Plus, you can easily work around the homeowner to complete the job.

Time Needed to Complete the Job

Painting a large business takes a large amount of hours and some work may need to be completed out of office time. A homeowner can agree with the residential painter which hours are best to work on the job and the date of completion.

Type of Paint and Tools Required

Residential painters are going to focus on using paint that adheres to a colour scheme and that blends in with the neighbourhood. Paint will be oil based, water based or latex based and either shiny or flat.

Commercial paint jobs will be focused less on the look but more on durability. A commercial building can be made of wood, metal, marble or re-enforced plastic and the painter should know which paint is best for each.

Range of Services Offered

Residential painters generally focus on painting homes only and have a good knowledge of painting trims, siding and interior walls. Some may offer additional services such as deck staining or minor repairs.

Commercial painters usually have a vast skill set due to the variety of commercial buildings they service. This may include brick waterproofing, waterproof coatings, special surface prep, sand blasting, metal painting and more.

The Benefits of Commercial Painting for Your Business

Every business owner should care what their business looks like. You can offer the best services in the world, but if people are repelled by the image, sales can suffer. Here are the main benefits of commercial painting:

Commercial Painting Projects We’ve Completed in Brisbane


Woolworths at Goodna

Warren and Sons are the preferred painters for Woolworths and regularly team up with builders and staff to complete painting projects. We’ve worked on live sites open to the public and out of office hours. Our team worked on five Woolworths renovations and are currently working on the Stanthorpe Woolworths renovation

Commercial Painting Experts - Warren and Sons

Cartier, Brisbane CBD

Warren and Sons have provided the annual re-paint for the famous Cartier store in Brisbane for over five years. Much of the work was completed out of hours, at night, so business could keep moving. This is a large scale project that needed detailed prep work. But, our experienced team got the job done and exceeded expectations.


Ramsay Health Queensland

Our painters have been working with Ramsay Health for many years. We are the preferred painting company for their Caboolture Private Hospital and North West Private Hospital sites. Some of our jobs included painting the wards out of hours and maintenance painting. We are currently working nights to paint one of the wards