Tiled Roof Painting

At Warren and Sons, we have extensive experience in all types of tiled roof restoration, tiled roof painting and tiled roof repairs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of painters has been looking after Brisbane locals for over two decades and are passionate about helping you bring your upcoming tiled roof painting project to life. Whilst we Queenslanders enjoy outstanding weather most of the year, the harsh sun, rain and wind can take a toll on tiled roof surfaces. It is important to regularly clean and maintain your tiled roof to ensure longevity and minimise time and effort required to keep it in top condition.
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Reasons you might consider roof tile painting?

Roof Tiles are a commonly used building material and are seen in many homes in the Brisbane area. These tiles, whether concrete, ceramic or terracotta should be regularly maintained, including cleaning, preparation and painting to keep your home or office in top condition.

Also, due to the fact that tiled roofs, and metal and timber fascias and gutters can weather and age at different rates, keeping your tiled roof in good condition can increase the value of your property and add to its curb appeal.

Tiled Roof painting is also a great way to modernise the look and feel of your property to keep up to date with modern trends in exterior paint colours and effects.

Why we are the roof paint experts?

Warren and Sons have been painting and restoring tiled roofs for Brisbane locals for over 25 years. Painting tiles can be risky for your average DIYer due to the requirement of working at heights. In addition, there is specialised equipment required to carry out the work quickly and professionally.

Working at heights requires some specialised knowledge and safety precautions. Our team are fully trained in all areas of managing a safe worksite and bringing your roof paint project to completion.

Similarly, due to the large area of painting required when undertaking a roof tile paint job, specialised equipment can help improve the quality of cleaning, preparation and coating application and increase the speed that the job can be completed. Warren and Sons can finish your tiled roof paint, quickly, easily and professionally.

Our Tiled Roof Painting Services in Brisbane

Tiled Roof Restorations – Terracotta, Ceramic or Concrete

No matter what type of tile you have on your roof, our team are able to provide full restoration including repair or replacement of broken or cracked tiles. We can also help restore existing tiles to their original condition, or clean and paint to provide a modern finish.

Tiled Roof Cleaning

With our advanced high-pressure cleaning equipment, our team can quickly and easily bring your tiled roof back to its former glory and remove any dirt or stains that can take away from your roofs curb side appeal. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also a great way to extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long run.

Tiled Roof Painting and Coating

Warren and Sons offer a wide range of painting and coating technologies that are specifically formulated to provide maximum adhesion to concrete tiles, ceramic tiles and terracotta tiles. By using the right products for the job, you can have confidence in knowing that your roof will be looking great for years to come.

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