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Roof Painting and Restoration

At Warren and Sons, we are the experts in all types of roof restoration, roof painting and roof repairs.

Our team has been servicing the Brisbane area for over 25 years and are ready to help you bring your next roof painting project to a successful completion.

The Brisbane and surrounding areas enjoy some of Australia’s best weather, however, the consistent sunshine and temperatures can cause damage to your roof, whether it is tiled or metal. We can provide you with an end to end service, from initial inspection right through to roof paint completion.

Why Restore or Repaint Your Roof?

For many structures, roofs, gutters and fascia are one of the most visible features of the building. Keeping your roof in top condition will add curb appeal to your building and increase the value of your property. Roof painting is also a great way to modernise the look and feel of your home or office to keep up to date with the latest trends in exterior paints.

Why we are the roof paint experts?

Warren and Sons have been painting roofs in Brisbane for over 25 years. Painting tiled or metal roofs can be a dangerous task if not conducted by an experienced and professional painter. Working at heights requires some special considerations and our team are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of managing the safe completion of a roof painting project.

Also, painting roof surfaces can be tricky due to the surface area of the job and specific requirements when preparing either metal, or concrete, terracotta or ceramic tile. In order to ensure your roof paint lasts, our team of professionals are ready to help you understand what is required to correctly clean, prepare and paint your roof. We also have access to the latest spraying technology to ensure your roof paintwork is even and completed as quickly as possible.

Our Roof Painting Services

Roof Restorations – Terracotta, Ceramic, Concrete and Metal

We can provide you with a full roof restoration no matter what your current roofing material is. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of roofs and have a thorough knowledge of the latest products and processes that will keep your roof looking brand new for longer.

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Roof painting & coating - Warren and Sons

Tile and Metal Roof Cleaning

Roofs often take the brunt of the harshest of Queensland’s weather. To keep your metal or tile roof in top condition, and extend the life of your roof, regular cleaning and maintenance is always advised. We have all the necessary high-pressure cleaning equipment to adequately clean and prepare your roof surface. Our team can also assist with the cleaning and preparation of gutters and facia to ensure that your building is looking great from top to bottom.

Roof Painting and Coating

We can provide a complete service offering that includes carrying out all required steps in tile and metal roof cleaning, preparation and painting process. We also have access to the latest technology and products and are passionate about helping you choose the best quality paint and coatings for your roof painting project.

Roof Coatings

If you would like to learn more about our painting services, contact one of our friendly team members to discuss your individual requirements.

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