Interior Painting Brisbane

We are an expert team of interior painters, who have been servicing Brisbane and its surrounding areas for over 25 years. We offer our clients a free on-site inspection of your property to better understand your requirements, answer any questions you might have and discuss different options for your interior painting project. We can also provide you with a number of quotes to consider, which will give you more choice around what paint products and application methods you would like for your new space.

Whether the job is small or large, we are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and have prided ourselves on our reputation for outstanding service for decades.

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Interior Painting Services for Brisbane Clients

Painting Kitchens

Painting kitchens can be tricky due to the installation of cabinetry and built-ins, as well as the presence of grease, oil and chemicals that comes from cooking and cleaning. Warren and Sons can prepare your kitchen area for painting including removal and protection of built-in cabinets, and proper cleaning and priming of surfaces before painting commences. We can also advise on easy to clean paint options, so spills and accidents that occur in the future are never a problem.

Painting Bathrooms

Painting bathrooms often requires specialist knowledge and products that are designed to stand up to wet areas and humidity and condensation. Our team can help you choose the right type of paints for your bathroom, including trims and window sills and take care of any preparation or priming that might be required in wet areas.
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Painting Hallways and Living Spaces

Painting the exterior of any building needs specialist knowledge and experience of the right types of painting and coating products need to complete the job professionally. In addition to this, the right application method for your exterior surface plays a big part in the finished look and longevity of your paintwork.

By choosing a professional painter, like Warren and Sons, you can make sure your investment is protected and improve your property’s curb appeal. If you are looking to sell your home, fresh paint can have a huge impact on the final sale value. Exterior paint is also a great way to protect your home from harsh weather conditions, which are common in the Brisbane area and surrounds.

No matter whether your home is brick, render, blue board or weatherboard, Warren and Sons professional house painters have the right equipment to bring the exterior of your home back to its former glory. We can also advise on colour selection in line with council requirements to either make your home pop or blend into its natural bush surroundings. Similarly, choosing the right colours for trims and gutters can drastically improve your home’s aesthetic.

Painting Bedrooms

Painting bedrooms can be a lengthy process without the right experience and equipment. The goal is to complete the job as quickly as possible so you and your family to get back to normal and have a good night sleep. We can advise on the right types of paints, including low odour or hypoallergenic options to ensure your sleep is not interrupted by your new paintwork.

Painting Indoor/Outdoor Areas

Indoor/outdoor areas are a fantastic feature in a home as they extend the living area of the space and increase light and flow of air. However, because of the increased exposure to the elements, and indoor/outdoor space will need to be properly primed and painted with products that will stand up to harsher conditions. Talk to one of our experts about what you need to consider when painting an outdoor/indoor area.