How to Paint Commercial Metal Door Frames

Door frames in commercial premises can often take a beating. In areas of high foot traffic commercial door frames are frequently bumped, scraped and knocked. Over time, this additional wear and tear can leave door frames damaged and in need of repair. However, painting door frames is not as easy as some other surfaces, such as walls or doors and there are few additional steps and considerations that should be made to ensure a successful repair and repaint of a door frame.

Things you will need

Step 1. Removing the door.

Most doors can be easily removed by releasing the hinge pins. Stabilise the door itself, (it might be best to have someone help you with this step) and with your screwdriver, press into the pins until they release. If the pins don’t release easily or have been painted over causing them to stick, it might be easier to remove the hinge from the frame itself.

Step 2. Remove any hardware.

Depending on your door, there might be a number of different pieces of hardware that also need to be removed. It is often easier to remove and replace these items of hardware, rather than trying to avoid painting them or masking them. Make sure to remove all strike plates, lock mechanisms or other hardware.

Step 3. Inspect and prepare

Carefully inspect the current condition of the doorframe. You should be checking for any significant cracks or chips, rust, mould or mildew. If any of these are present, take the time to remove them and treat the area, otherwise, the finish of your newly painted door frame might be compromised. If you do find cracks or chips in the door frame, it is best at this point to repair before continuing on to the priming and painting steps. You should be able to find everything you need to carry out simple repairs at a local hardware store, and the task is relatively simple.

Step 4. Prime the area

After you have prepared the surface, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply your primer and allow to dry for the recommended time frame, taking into account the climate of your area. In warmer conditions, whilst primer may appear to be touch dry, it is still important to allow the primer time to cure to ensure that the next steps can be carried out effortlessly.

Step 5. Repaint the Door Frame

Using your paintbrush, carefully apply the painting or coating you have selected for your doorframe. Again, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation when it comes to how many coats to apply, and ideal waiting time between coats. If you have chosen an oil-based paint, which tend to be tougher and harder wearing than water-based paints, you will need to use mineral spirits, such as turpentine for clean-up.

There you have it. If you would like more advice on how to paint your commercial door frames, feel free to reach out to our friendly team for advice.