Who is a Dulux Accredited Painter and What Do They Do?

If you’re considering having your property painted, you’ve probably seen the term ‘’Dulux Accredited Painter’’ come up in search. But what does this actually mean and are these people better than the average painter contractor? The simple answer is yes.

Dulux Accredited Painters are those who have been given an award for meeting strict professional criteria set by the industry. A company with this award has been recognised for going the extra mile to be a market leader. Their team has put in the work to learn defined procedures and pass a rigorous assessment.

What Does a Dulux Accredited Painter Do?

A Dulux accredited painter can undertake any type of painting project with a superior level of workmanship. Each job is guaranteed for quality, professionalism and precision.

Being regarded as the leading worldwide painting brand, Dulux only allows the best into their invite only program. Any painting job completed by a Dulux accredited painter will always result in the highest standard of workmanship.

Why Choose a Dulux Accredited Painter?

Any company wanting to become a Dulux accredited painter must adhere to the highest standards including:

How Do You Know Someone is a Dulux Accredited Painter?

Any company that is a Dulux accredited painter will have this clearly stated on their website. To check that credentials are real, you can search the company postcode here on the official Dulux ‘’find a painter’’ website.

Is Hiring a Dulux Accredited Painter Worth it?

While hiring an experienced Dulux accredited painter is a little more expensive initially, the quality of work saves you money in the long run. If you want a painting job done to the highest standards, with the best materials and so it will last, hiring a Dulux accredited painter is a way to guarantee success.

Warren and Sons is a Leading Dulux Accredited Painter in Brisbane

Warren and Sons are Dulux accredited painters providing commercial and residential painting services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. With over 25 years’ experience, we offer interior painting, exterior painting, office painting, re-lease painting and industrial painting.

No job is too large it too small for us and we guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our work. Contact us for exceptional painting services tailored to meet the demands of the harsh Queensland climate.