Are you looking to paint your commercial building? As a property manager or business owner it’s your responsibility to keep the building looking at its best. If the outside is left in disrepair and looking dull, your image will likely repel customers before they even get inside.

As a property manager, commercial painting is a way to keep tenants happy and renewing their lease. But, choosing the right building colour can be tricky. With thousands of colours, shades and textures to choose from – how do you decide on the best one? Here’s 5 tips to help you out.

Make the Right Impression

First impressions count! Have a think about the impression you want to make on people and align your colour palette. If you are a law firm or financial establishment, you’ll want to convey trust and professionalism. Colours that match this are blue, neutral and brown.

If you are a kid’s daycare centre, you’ll want to convey an image of fun. Colours that go with this can be a little brighter. You can also factor in brand colours, but these don’t have to take over the whole building. Sometimes less is more with a neutral backdrop and subtle hints of a colour on frames for example.

Consider Your Clientele

Who will be using the building on a daily basis? Building colour needs to resonate with these people and make them feel safe and productive. For example, white is a popular colour for offices, but expert studies have shown it to actually hinder productivity. Have a think who uses the building most frequently and for what purpose and factor this into your colour choice.

Factor in the Local Environment

Consider your local environment when choosing a paint colour for your commercial building. If you’re by the sea, coral blues, deep turquoise and sunny yellows fit right in, but may seem out of place in the city. Another thing to think about is the local climate. Dark tones should be avoided as they absorb heat, pushing up your utility bills to keep the aircon running.

What is the Style of Your Building?

Different styles of architecture suit different colour palettes. And, if your building sits among others of historical significance, you may be limited on choice. Inspect all the other buildings around you and decide whether your building should fit in or whether it can stand out a little.

Test a Patch Before You Commit

The colour you paint your commercial building will look different according to the light. Paint a small test patch to view what it looks like at different times of day. Seeing it in various shades of light allows you to decide if it really is the right colour.

Consult an Experienced Commercial Painter

Whether you’re painting a warehouse, an office, a shop or a large industrial facility, an experienced commercial painter can help. Warren and Sons have worked with countless Brisbane businesses on commercial interior and exterior painting jobs. Contact us for a free quote today.